Monday, November 21, 2011

Our Fall

Our Fall has been busy yet wonderful. It is hard to believe how fast the last 2 months have gone by. We have had birthdays, trips, and lots of fun. Here is a brief summary of our adventures.

Skaidrite turned 7 the end of September. She requested a cowgirl/boy party, so all the guests dressed up. It was a beautiful day 26C. Couldn't have asked for a better gift!

Being fall we went across the street and played in the leaves with the ladybugs. (there wre hundreds of them crawling around in the leaves)

Five days later on October 5th, Rutha had her first birthday. Skaidrite made her the crown; Abigail made her the cheerio necklace.

Rutha enjoying her Pumpkin Cheese Cake Birthday Cake!

Two days after Rutha's party, we had on for my mom. The girls insisted on Grandma wearing the bag as a birthday hat (Abigail actually was the one who insisted)

Canadian Thanksgiving weekend we roasted smores at my mom and dad's place. This is Skai enjoying hers.

This is one batch of many of the carrots we dug in our garden in October. Most of them were a good size.

The girls taking a ride in the carrot cart.

Skaidrite and Esther all dressed up for school on Halloween. Skai was a witch and Esther a cowgirl.

This is what Abigail got to do while sisters were at school Halloween morning. Thankfully it all melted before the afternoon was here.

Rutha dressed up as a rabbit. (She stayed home to help me hand out treats)

Skaidrite the witch.

Esther turned into a vampire cowgirl with teeth she got from school.

Abigail was a beautiful princess.

Here are all of them before heading out into the cold.

The beginning of November we had a quick trip to Utah. This is the girls in front of the Conference Center.

Esther, Abigail, Skaidrite and Rutha in front of the Christus. That was a touching experience for me.

Our Family in front of the Christus.

Abigail, Rutha, Esther and Skaidrite touching the Salt Lake Temple.

We then took the girls into the tabernacle.

The whole reason for the trip. Sarah's baptism.

The Cousins that were there. What a fun time.

It was definately a great time. Too quick of a trip but we are so glad we made the trip.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Hiking Chief Mountain

For Landon's and my date this month we decided to hike up Chief Mountain in Montana. Thanks to Jared and Sher, who watched our girls for us, we were able to do the hike. We went with Scott (Landon's co-worker) and his daughter, and my brother Lucas. We left Raymond at 6:30am and started our hike at 8:20am. We got back to our vehicle at 3:20pm. It was an awsome hike that I would love to do on a less windy day so we could walk along the top. I felt so blessed to be able to do this hike with Landon and celebrate our 8 years engagment anniversary which is the 20th of this month. This is Chief Mountain from where we parked our vehicle.

Landon and I in front of Chief part way into the hike.

Landon basking in the sun!

Landon found a stream on the journey

Landon is a little closer to Chief

Proof that I came on the hike!

We are getting closer!

Brenna in the rocks!

Landon holding the rocks:) (He brought home the one on the right)

Brenna on a rock that couldn't come home!

Brenna part way up the loose stuff (I found a place where I stopped slipping:)

Landon found a good spot to rest on the loose rocks (even the big ones move!)

Brenna getting closer to the top

Brenna made it (we ducked down in a cravas to be safe and out of the wind. It was blowing hard that day)

Landon and I at the top out of the wind eating lunch!

Landon touching the top of Chief Mountain

The view from where we ate lunch

Brenna on the front side of Chief

Landon on the front side of Chief Mountain

No Landon that is not gold, just lichen

Part of the front of Chief

Brenna getting a rock out of her shoe. It was much faster going down than up

Landon left our mark

If you look carefully you can see a white speck. Thats our vehicle (I'm pointing at it)

The only girls on this hike.

Landon almost at the end of the hike

Landon and Brenna just before the end!

Our reunion with our girls. (5:00pm)